We are creating a generation of problem solvers and innovators through coding and computer science principles.

Designing and coding video games is something we believe any child with a computer and desire to learn is capable of doing. In summary, our mission is to teach coding and computer science to children, K-12, and introduce them to new ways to problem solve and explore curiosity and creativity. We do this because we feel strongly that this learning style will help them grow into better problem solvers who don’t give up when given a challenge, but instead embrace it as an opportunity.

Embrace mistakes
Embrace Mistakes

Evidence suggests during initial learning students retain more information if they’re given the freedom to make mistakes. Encourage them to learn and grow in confidence through mistakes as they seek an answer.

Enjoy learning
Enjoy Learning

Learning and problem solving can be fun through creative activities like coding and game design.

Explore Computer Science

Computer science is a powerful medium in which students can express themselves to solve challenges in unique ways to enhance their creativity and problem solving.